Copywriting That Doesn’t Suck.

Make an impact with your words. We are of the belief that your website can give your customers the same experience they would have if they walked into your office. Is it really possible? Yes! With a little experience and a cohesive definition of who you are and what you do, our team can help you craft a personalized online experience for every potential customer.

Our copywriting process takes you on a journey of discovery. Who is your audience? What are they like? Where do they work, how do they talk, what really matters to them? Without that clear focus, your copy isn’t likely to speak to them.


Any copywriting project will require you to do a little work, so be prepared. We have to know WHO you are so we can write about what you do. This might take a little more time than you realize, but the best websites with the highest conversion rates have a laser-focus on their audience, and that starts with knowing who your audience is. (Spoiler alert: “everyone who needs _____” is not a defined target audience!) Every project starts with our website content questionnaire. We walk through it together and help you define your target, from where they work and how old they are down to their lifestyle choices.


After defining your audience, we’ll turn the spotlight back on you for a minute. In order to write effective copy that converts we have to know exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd. Most marketers call this a value proposition. This is a clear message about what makes your product or service attractive to your customers. It should describe the key benefits you provide and entice customers to buy from you instead of a competitor (and explain why!) Think carefully about your business, and tell us more about your competition and how you approach sales. Don’t worry, we’ll help you weave your value proposition into your branding strategy so they can’t say no!


Before you ever get to designing pages or layouts, we want to make sure we capture your voice and tone correctly. Are you a formal office with suits and ties? Or do you have a laid back, conversational atmosphere with your customers? We’ll capture it all, and present you with a full document outlining your entire website from navigation to calls to action. Don’t need a whole website’s worth of content? We can spruce up existing website content, write amazing ad headlines, or help you build an exciting brochure that your potential customers will want to read. Even if you need a tagline, or want your company’s story written in a way that truly captures your identity and what makes you unique, we’re the partner for you.


Part of copywriting is the editing process. We want to make sure we get your message EXACTLY RIGHT. This is where more of your time is required. If you’ve got a full website with 20 pages of content, you need to review all 20 pages of content and provide us with relevant, descriptive feedback for editing. We will schedule a follow up meeting after the first draft is delivered so we can walk through any changes you have requested. We prefer the editing tools in Microsoft Word for adding comments and changes. For each content project we typically offer two rounds of revisions. If more are needed they can be contracted at an additional hourly rate.