"What should I post on Social Media? I know I need to do it, but I don't even know where to start."

We hear this question a lot from our customers and and this is what we like to help with! We're so glad that you (a start up and/or a business owner) realize how powerful social media can be. We know it's overwhelming - you've got a million things to do and then you have to worry about creating good content to post?

Here's a five minute Social Media Post Pocket Guide to help you along. 


  • Self promoting (why are you awesome?) 
  • Directly selling (request a quote, buy now, contact us…) 
  • Engaging in a conversation with consumers (asking for feedback)
  • Share other knowledgeable industry-related content from someone else (called a re-post)
  • Showcasing products/giving information

You want to vary the kinds of posts on your social media. If you're always asking for the buy, people will get bored (and annoyed). You have to offer them something interesting, something that they can interact with. 


  • A photo or video
  • A call to action (okay people saw your post now what? Should they comment? share? click and just read?) 
  • A great post is interesting and professional, while easy to understand
  • Include a link back to your website if it's relevant (especially if this is introducing your new blog post) 
  • Tag other users or link to someone you're talking about for more exposure
  • Keep it relevant. If you're not a restaurant or a fitness website, don't post dinner recipes. Save the kitten videos and cute photos of puppies for your personal channels. You need to showcase yourself as the expert in your field! 

Overwhelmed by social media? If you're interested in outsourcing some of the day-to-day strategy, call us. We'll maintain your voice and identity, while using social media channels to their full potential to drive sales and traffic for your company.