I read a rather fascinating article today that has had my mind swirling in frustrating circles. Why are girls expected to be polite & nice and boys expected to be brash & noisy?

Ladies, have you ever found your self in conversations with men and your comments are either ignored or repeated by a man as if it was his own? Or, are you interrupted when you pause for breath in the midst of a train of thought? How about this: why is the check or receipt always handed to the man, even if you paid?

ARGG...I'm not a pirate. But I find inarticulate noises coming out of my mouth when I encounter these irritating things in my life. I am sorry to say I encounter at least one of these EVERY DAY.

Read this article for more details, but first repeat after me:

"Stop interrupting me."

"I just said that."

How many times how you encountered one of these things today? I found my receipt being handed to my boyfriend in the check-out line at a grocery store today even though I clearly paid with my check card and was holding out my hand for the receipt...arrgg.