What is a Tangram?

The simple answer would be an ancient Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 wooden pieces called "tans" of set shapes & sizes. These pieces can be taken apart & rearranged into different shapes. It is considered an educational mathematical puzzle that is still used in classrooms across the world. The Tangram is used as a creative method for developing the mathematical and geometry skills of young children.

But, in my world, a Tangram is so much more than that.  

A Tangram, to me, is an idea that desires shaping; a logo that needs refreshing; a marketing message that requires tweaking; an advertising campaign that deserves weeding; a website begging for updates. It's a starting point for us here at Tangram Sky Interactive. 

Let me help you further with an example. In the online world we've got a Tangram puzzle with the recent Google Search update regarding Mobile search. If Google does not consider a website to be mobile friendly, then it will disregard that website on a mobile search. In other words, a site can be completely invisible on a phone or tablet search, even though it indeed exists and the content may be relevant to the search itself.

My Tangram task, in this situation, would be to take an existing website, pull it apart and put it back together again so that it is mobile friendly. In other words, I would take a mobile invisible site and make it mobile visible.

Here's another Tangram example that maybe you, as a business owner, can relate to. Have you ever tried to run your own pay per click campaign? Let's say a pay per click campaign is already in place but the results are poor. The conversion rate is non existent and too much money is being spent. Sound familiar?

Here's how I approach this Tangram: weed out poorly performing keywords, re-write text ad headlines, change the destination page, add sitelinks, adjust the max cost per click and daily budget, and more. I take the campaign and rearrange it so that the same or less amount of budget creates quality traffic, leads, and/or sales. 

I'm not here to give orders or tell you what do to, how to market, or how to look. You are the expert at your business and you know your customers much better than I do. I want to help you funnel your awesome ideas, plans, and needs into a working brand, website, campaign, or social media blitz. Together, we can put power behind your products or services. Let's Tangram today.