Need to give a colleague, client or agency partner access to a specific Google Analytics account? The good news is that granting access takes all of 60 seconds! Let's walk through the process step-by-step.

1. Log in to your Admin-Level Account

Navigate to and log in to your administrator account (you must have administrator access to complete this process).

Login to Google Analytics in your Web Browser

2. Select your Account

Here you will see your main accounts page, which lists all of the sites you have access to. Select your account by clicking on it.

Google Analytics after you Login, you see your Accounts. Select your account by clicking on it.

3. Click the Admin Link

Click on the Admin link in the top navigation.

Click the Admin link at the top of your screen.

4. Click on User Management

Next you will see a page with three columns. Click on User Management in the Account column.

In the Account column, click on User Management.

5. Add a New User & Assign Access

Now you are on the User Management page. A list of current users will show and the option to add a new user is below this. 

Add a New User, Select Permissions, and click Add.

Depending on what actions the new user will be completing, you can control the level of access with the drop menu to the right of the add email address box. For example, if the user you are adding will be linking Adwords & Analytics, running campaigns, setting goals, or setting up remarketing campaigns, then you will need to select Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze as the kind of access that will be granted. Conversely, if you only want someone to be able to look at the analytics and not make changes to your account, you would select only the Read & Analyze option. 

Add a User with Read & Analyze Access only.
Add a user with Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze Access.

Type in the new user's email address and select the level of permission for the user. Make sure to check the Notify this user by email box. Then Click Add.

Type in email address, select access level, check email notification box, click add user.

Now you are done! An email notification will be sent to the user letting them know they have been granted access.

Success! A new user has been added and now shows in the list of users.