"It must be SO nice to work from home!" That's the constant refrain i hear from friends and family since leaving my corporate job a few weeks ago. I would love to reply with "Yes, it's a dream! I sleep in, eat a gourmet breakfast every morning, slowly sip my coffee and I only have to work two hours a day!" I hope you other business owners are laughing with me at that daydream. Don't get me wrong -- being an entrepreneur is the best job in the world. It is AMAZING to work from home most days, and have complete control over your time as well as your business practices. 

At the same time, being an entrepreneur is hard! Instead of one boss, we serve anywhere from 6-10 clients who all, at times, seem like a "boss" figure. (Hey, they're the most important part!) In addition to that work which comprises the majority of our hours, we work on our own company promotion and then we must manage the financial tasks for owning a company. It can be overwhelming. Even more intimidating than the mountain of work in front of us is the fact that we left our "stable" jobs with an actual salary to pursue our dreams. There's nothing left to hide behind. We can't place blame on anyone else now -- oh, it's the company's fault I was laid off, or we had a bad quarter and had to let people go. All of the responsibility is right here, sitting in our laps like an elephant. 

Being an entrepreneur isn't for everyone, but a lot of people want to try. We're a special kind of person -- just crazy enough to think that we could make it. There's this allure, this force, that pulls you towards that "American Dream" of pulling yourself up by your boot straps and being a self-made man or woman. Our drive is sometimes to our detriment - we know if we don't put the time in, the success won't come. 

I feel like in the last few weeks I have worked harder for less money than I ever have in my life. And I've never been happier. We're working towards our dreams, building things the right way, little by little. 

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? For us, it wasn't just a choice -- it was the only choice. You might have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur if you : 

- Can take risks (calculated, but still risk is involved) 
- Are willing to accept the instability that comes with being an entrepreneur
- Love doing something that companies or individuals will pay you for? 
- Committed to your success, no matter what obstacles may stand in your way? 
- Know how to be disciplined and self motivated, when no one is watching

If you can relate to all of the above, you might be ready to take the leap and go after your dreams. After all, I learned that I should have made the jump much sooner. Talking about it won't get you anywhere...get out there and get started. 

Tell us about your entrepreneurial life! Do you feel like the characteristics mentioned above are necessary for your success? Can't wait to hear from you! We read and respond (personally!) to each and every comment or email we receive.