They're HERE! You've got 'em! Wait, wait, where are they going? Come back! 

Landing pages are critical for your online marketing campaign. Think of it as your big chance! You've been sending messages, waiting…and you've hooked them! But, what good is a landing page that doesn't convert? Here are six things you might be missing on your landing page, so take some inventory here: 

1. Branding. This may sound ridiculous, but are you present anywhere on your landing page? Does it look like you? Is your logo there? Are you using familiar design, etc.? Continuity is very important. Your customers have to be able to trust you and identify you - even when it's a stand-alone landing page. 

2. A clear offer, in 3 seconds. Seriously…you don't have much time. You need to capture eyeballs and get them filling out a form FAST. Use the headline appropriately. What's the offer? What do I need to do? Make it crystal clear what someone will get if they offer their information. This is a trade! If someone has to spend a lot of time digesting complicated material on your page, you're going to lose them. Which brings us to the next point...

3. A SIMPLE form. You don't need the color of their underwear to capture a quality lead. This is really important - you can interact with your leads after you have their basic information. You promised them an email, a quote, whatever…get what you need to deliver what they want. Now is not the time to take a survey. 

4. Interesting photos/graphics. Nobody wants to read a ton of text. You'd be surprised at how many web pages we see that induce yawning and 3 p.m. I-need-a-nap feelings. Make your landing page interesting, make the visitor WANT to fill out their information! Make sure that your photos or graphics correlate to the offer. Use them to increase the quality of your page - say something with your photos. It's valuable real estate that people are going to see. 

5. A Thank You Page. I take all the time to fill out your information, hit submit, and then…nothing. Did it go through? Do I need to fill it out again? Do I wait for an email, a phone call, anything?! A simple thank-you page redirect after filling out a form goes a long way to boosting your quality of leads. 

Good landing pages are about more than just good design and having the right elements in place. To truly be outstanding, you can take an even deeper dive (3D content, anyone?). Our friends over at Toptal created the ultimate landing page that provided users with a seriously engaging experience to promote a new keyboard.

Take care of these things and watch the leads pour in. Need help getting your web traffic to convert? Contact us.