[PPC] Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a great way to get visitors to your site quickly. Potential customers are out constantly searching for your products or services, why not be there when they need you? When a PPC campaign is set up efficiently, this method of advertising is the best one-to-one lead generator. If paid advertising is what you need for your business, we will help you get an optimal pay per click campaign set up and continue to  manage it during the life of the campaign.

Our first step is to analyze your current website and look at your competitors. Who is your target audience and what goals do you want to accomplish through your PPC campaign?

Businesses utilize paid search listings within search engines for certain keywords; they then show up for relevant keyword searches at the top and right of the organic search listings. Our job is to get your text advertisement to show up for the right searcher while being as cost effective as possible. Quality score, keyword bids, daily budget, location and conversion tracking are the foundation of a cost effective & successful pay per click campaign.

Quality Score

Google & Bing have a vested interest in searchers finding quality results within their search engines and this extends towards paid advertising as well. They want users find what they are looking for and use them exclusively. To keep paid advertising as relevant (and honest) as possible, they include a feature called Quality Score for pay per click ads. They look at your ad, the ad performance and the quality of the landing page. The higher your quality score, the more you show up and the less you have to spend. We are experts at crafting ads with a high quality score.


Keywords are the phrases searchers use to find a product or service; results show based on what they enter into a search engine. Your PPC campaign will include a list of keywords that are relevant to what you offer and specific bids will be place so that your ads show when they keywords are used. Our goal for keywords is to keep your list as small and relevant as possible; the resulting click through rate and ultimate success of your ads will keep the campaign running at peak efficiency.


We help you to determine what daily spend will deliver you the best results from your PPC campaign; as well as schedule your ads to show at optimal times for your clientele. Setting a max cost-per-click is important in keeping your costs low. While you will never go over this max amount, chances are you will be spending much less per click. We help determine how high to go while still delivering quality traffic within your budget.


Where do you clients come from? What language do they speak? If you have a brick and mortar business, chances are you will only need to target in a tightly focused area to get your business. If you are a virtual business, the entire United States might be your playground, or the whole world. We will guide you in setting up your target locations.


Tracking your campaign’s results is easily the most important part of running any successful pay per click campaign. Anyone can start a PPC campaign and pay for clicks. But how do you know if it is really working? Each keyword and ad will be easily tracked from click to conversion and all the information will be used to continually optimize your campaign. Our focus is on gaining you conversions instead of clicks.

Our ultimate goal is to help create and optimize a focused, conversion-based pay per click campaign that delivers you the results you need.

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