[SEO] Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine ranking and visibility is an important part of every website. Potentials customers are out constantly searching for your service; make sure your website is easily visible and at the top of search results. We will help you get there with proven tactics for success. Our first step is to analyze your current website and to look at your competitors. What can be adjusted or added to make your website more “healthy”: visible, ranked higher? What is your target audience and goals?

Websites do not rank in search engines, pages rank in search engines; specifically, pages that are keyword rich. Our job is to ensure that each page on your website contains this keyword richness so that you will show up for relevant searches. Keyword strategy, Meta data, URL structure and Content are the foundation of an organically “healthy” website.


Keywords are used by search engines to pinpoint relevant content for the searcher. Search Engines do not crawl and index and entire pages worth of content, they take highlights of certain keywords and return these relevant keyword results to searchers. Knowing your target audience, developing a relevant keyword strategy for each page within the website and implementing this strategy is what we do best. The keyword strategy will be applied throughout multiple points within each page: meta tag title, meta tag description, url name, page title (H1 header tag), sprinkled throughout content and alt tag on an image.


Meta Title and Description is information stored in the header of each website. This information is not seen on the webpage itself but is used for organic search results. We will optimize for certain keywords on each page; including long-tail keywords. But, it will also be written for the searcher in mind as this is description of your page will be what they see in search results.


How each page is named on your website affects search engines rankings. A URL with random numbers and letters have no meaning to a search engine or the end user. We will develop a naming structure for each page for optimal search engine results using your keywords.


Sprinkling relevant keywords throughout the content of the pages is equally as important as writing a compelling story or description of products or services offered. We have great success in creating engaging content that is also keyword rich; this information must appeal to both end users and the search engines. This stuff is easy; let us do it for you!

So those are just the basics for a “healthy”, search engine, end user friendly website that is easily found and seen. Contact Tangram Sky today for a quote and get started today!