[SM] Social Media Management Services

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your potential customers found you on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ before they came to your website? How (if at all) would it change their perspective of you? Is your social media in line with who you are as a company and does it actively engage potential customers?

Think of social media as your real-time customer engagement platform. You have a free tool at your fingertips that allows you to distribute messages and respond to customers, as they need you. There are several top reasons why your business should be using social media.


Businesses can use social media to build branding and more specifically, brand trust. Engage in the conversation online and show your customers that you care with quick and responsive customer communication. Use social media for more than just an opportunity to push your products and services. Doing this can help establish your business as the expert in your field.


Never before has the playing field been so level for businesses of all sizes. With social media, you can compete with larger companies and build your web presence without using a huge advertising budget.  Links are very important to website presence, and posting on social media and gaining shares with viral content can help bump you up in natural search engine rankings (SERPs). This is also great for bringing in additional website traffic.


Give customers more than one opportunity to find you. Having social media platforms is like having multiple websites that all link together. When followers see that you’re active and you really do respond, they’ll be more likely to engage with you. Giving them valuable quality content helps get you that vital “Share” or “Like” that you’re after, which helps you grow your online presence.  


Show your customers what you’re all about! Social media is often less professional than your usual business website. You have the opportunity to be a human being – add in some humor, some personality, or share content that is going to make a big impact. Do you have social initiatives at your organization? Social media is the perfect place to share what you’re all about. You can give your followers access to the newest products and services as they roll out, and create a buzz around them.

More than half of all online adults have at least one social media profile, and that number is climbing every day. Successful social media management revolves around a strategy. At Tangram, every post is crafted and designed with your unique voice; right down to the time of day that is best to post for your industry. Our experts have got you covered. We’ll give you monthly reports that let you know exactly what social media is doing for you. Contact Tangram Sky today for a quote and get started today!