[SM] Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is an incredibly effective and inexpensive way to drive quality traffic to your website. Social media marketing is different from social media management, which is explained here. Some of the outlets companies use for social media marketing include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. All of these platforms have millions of users each day, and they each offer a model of marketing quite similar to pay-per-click campaigns.

What makes a social media marketing campaign effective? There are thousands of options (tweets, photos, videos, Twitter cards, status updates, Pins, the list goes on and on!) There are four key elements to a successful social media marketing campaign that any agency or individual needs to hammer out with you before beginning.


Setting the right targeting for any campaign means a higher return. You want to engage with potential customers who match the profile of someone who needs your products or services. With social media there are hundreds of targeting options available to you including geography, demographics, behavior, online buying activity, and more. We’ll make sure your advertising dollars are being well spent.


What message do you want to send to your audience through social media? You want to make sure that your brand on social media channels matches who you are on your website, blog, and in person! Your message needs to be valuable, and it has to ask your users to complete an action (called a CTA, or Call To Action, in advertising speak.) Keyword research and your objectives are crucial to crafting the strategy behind your campaign.


The destination is where you will send all of the clicks you receive on different social media outlets. You may want to drive traffic to a specific blog post, landing page, or website. What’s most important here is that your destination caters to the ad language and the action you want users to take. We want to ensure that the path is very clear with minimal steps.


It’s 2015 and every action taken online can now be tracked. Do you want to know exactly how many people got to your site through a Facebook ad? We can do that! There’s no reason not to know exactly what your ROI is and how your campaigns are influencing your lead volume or your sales. Putting tracking in place is one of the most important steps to take pre-campaign. Custom URLs are created and used for your social campaigns to feed into your back-end analytics, and give you detailed data.

Social media marketing can help you accomplish a number of goals, like getting website traffic, gaining conversions, building brand awareness and simply communicating with your audiences. Different platforms work better for different goals; we’ll help you consider all of your options. Let us help you put all the pieces of a social media marketing campaign together for you. Contact Tangram Sky today for a quote and get started today!