Writing great content for your website involves a combination of narrative storytelling along with technical additions. Your content needs to be compelling enough to engage your human audience and techy enough to gain rave reviews from search engines like Google.

That's where we come in. 

Each page of your website will be shaped around certain keywords. For example, a Services page would focus on keywords specific to that service. Then those specific keywords will be used throughout the page: Page URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Page Title, Content, H1 and Image Alt Tags. This creates keyword density and builds keyword relevance.


Your business name doesn't necessarily have to use your service in the domain name. But labeling your services and/or products with keyword appropriate terms is very important for search engine visibility and user friendly experience.

For an Electronics dealer, using the name of products within the URL will increase search engine relevance and tell the user what page they are on. For example indicates - Electronics, Camera & a particular model.

Next, using the Meta Information compliments the URL: Meta Title - Model 101 Cameras & Accessories, Meta Description - Model 101 Cameras at Great Prices. Free Shipping on all Orders!, Keywords - Model 101, Camera, Electronics (meta keywords have less relevance than they used to, but are still used by 2nd tier search engines).  Here is how the end user might see your organic listing after searching for "Model 101 Camera".

Model 101 Cameras & Accessories

 Model 101 Cameras at Great Prices. Free Shipping on all Orders!

The users keywords are displayed in bold in the resulting search listings  and the user knows right away that the page has what they are looking for. The search engines reads the keyword relevance throughout the meta information, indicating that the user would find what they are looking for on the page and show it in search results.


    Each page will have uniquely crafted Keyword Identification, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Page Title, Alt Images Tags and Keyword Rich Content.


    Each product or service subject should be represented in the blog, users can easily share the content of a blog on Twitter, Facebook and more. The blogs need to also be optimized for keyword relevancy as well as organized within the site for searchability.


    Engaging 1-3 minutes videos, include title and 1-2 sentence description of video. Videos hosted on YouTube, imbedded within the site at appropriate locations.

    Although we love to write, this can be a very personal and time consuming portion of the project. We ask you to generate your content and/or give us clear direction on how to best use our typed words to suit your purpose. We will help shape, define and deliver a clear, engaging message.