[WC] Website Creation Services

Your website needs to be able to expand and contract as you add more services or streamline what you offer; it also needs to be easily manageable. This is why we recommend creation of your website within WordPress or Squarespace. They provide a wide array of customizable templates. These templates are easily adjustable within the back end to express your brand and display your content. It is also easily maintained by a user who is not a technological wizard. No need to keep an expensive designer or programmer on staff to make daily edits or adjustments.


We will provide examples of templates that we deem appropriate and the client can also search for a preferred template. The template needs to be WordPress or SquareSpace and mobile friendly. This helps with account creation, speeds setup time and lowers costs. It is important to have the logo chosen before changes are applied to any template chosen. The website’s graphics, font and color scheme will complement the logo design.


Client chooses hosting of choice. We can walk you through the setup process, but you will need to have that setup on your end (make sure you save all the login info). We will need to have admin access to hosting in order to implement the template, setup tracking and make edits in the future. Email creation will also happen at this step.


This includes how many pages (main navigation, sub navigation), organize all the content into categories, sections, topics etc. and speak to what kind of content will be included on each page.


Navigation URL names are important for SEO purposes. The more you can use keywords relevant to your service or product in the URL name, the better the search results! A basic main navigation: Home | Services | About Us | Blog | Contact Us.


If your product or services has different categories, they will have individual pages and be listed under a Main Parent Navigation as a drop menu.


Working with you, we will customize the template to fit your needs. We will make changes, edits and show you what we are doing every step of the way. Only with your final approval on the website sitemap and design do we move onto the next step.


Send us an email today and get started on your website!